What we are engaged in and what makes us different from many similar companies?

We are the direct importer and we cooperate with more, than 170 European
factories on five positions:

* Ceramic and porcelain tile
* Sanitary ware and everything for bathroom
* Furniture for living, office space and outdoor
* Kitchens
* Lamps

We are on the market since 1993.

We work only in projects. We have no warehouse, at the same time delivery terms from Italy is 12 working days, from Spain, Portugal, Germany, Holland – 20
working days.

People that make repairment, know that these terms are absolutely acceptable. Please, do not misunderstand the meaning of the word “project”, visit our portfolio
and you will find the apartment of 42 sq.m. among our projects. It is also a “project” for us.

– You can choose what you really like and you won’t be limited just by available items on warehouse in Moscow.

– Here you will get the fast reply to all your questions, especially when it concerns customized request.

– Cost optimization enables us to offer the best prices.

– We have the furniture production in Moscow area that gives the chance to propose the budget solutions, or to make the analogue of Italian products for the short term at Russian price, as an example.

We are the dealers of the Russian factories on the specified positions.

We never “wash the hands off” the client’s problems, even if the project is completed.

We are at your disposal if you need to change something or to supply some small extra material.

You are always welcome.

Please, contact us.